Almost There …

We’re only a few days away from the official release of TABLE MANNERS and I gotta tell you—I can’t wait!

I’m in rural Washington right now, looking at the gorgeous lakes and trees and mountain that inspired GOOD THINGS and its sequel. The trip from Hawaii to Washington was … well, let’s just say that I had my hands full with three kids, bags, car seats, diapers, snacks, DVD player, ID, and stickers. My three year old spilled apple juice all over him an hour into the first five hour leg of the flight. Cue to me in the airplane bathroom, rinsing his pants while bouncing the baby in the Bjorn. Lovely!

There’s some kind of heat wave in Washington now, and it’s much hotter than what I’m used to in Hawaii. I know—funny, isn’t it? But life’s like that, full of the unexpected, and sometimes you just gotta roll with it. So when I was in Borders today and saw that they already had my books out, I was like—I’m rolling with it! Remember, I’m not in Seattle proper (I’m a good hour plus away), so seeing my books outside of major metropolitan areas is a good thing, even if the books are out a bit earlier than expected.

I just posted some early reviews here and there are also a few lovely links and blog posts mentioning TABLE MANNERS:

  • copyright Food Loves WritingOne Literature Nut: A lovely author profile of me and TABLE MANNERS.
  • Book Binge: The three lovely ladies of Book Binge did a book watch shout-out for TABLE MANNERS.
  • Food Loves Writing: Amazing photography of the book and sparkling pomegranate lemonade (recipe featured in TABLE MANNERS) by the very lovely and talented Shannalee. Looking at those pictures again are making me VERY thirsty! Image (c) Food Loves Writing.

Yes, I know I just wrote “lovely” a million times but despite this sweltering heat (it’s 10:30 at night and I’m still sweating after a shower!), I’m just so full of gratitude for all of you who take the time to read my books and write about them (or take pictures of them!!). THANK YOU!

What else? Oh, yes. A contest. I am giving away a signed copy of each of my books (that’s THREE books, signed to you or a friend), a special edition ceramic GOOD THINGS wall/desk plaque that says “Live Simple,” something delectable to eat and/or drink (TBD—I am going shopping next week!), plus other author goodies and swag. The contest runs from August 4 to August 31 11:59 pm HST. No purchase is necessary to win—you just need to come back on August 4 and leave a comment on my August 4 Release Date post.

Now for the bonus entries: if you leave a review for TABLE MANNERS on and/or during the contest period (and leave a comment with your review in the body of the comment and where you posted it), you will get not one but ten entries (twenty if you post at both sites), dramatically increasing your chances to win. Yes, this contest favors those who leave reviews (after all, it is my book’s release date!) but it is a random drawing using so it is possible for anyone to win. Plus this giveaway is open to readers everywhere (must be 18 years or older). And to make it more fun, for every increment of ten people who post, I’ll add more great stuff to the winning bounty (iTunes/amazon gift cards, foodie gifts, etc.). Look for details on Aug 4 or subscribe to my spam-free newsletter.

I’m off to cool off—sparkling pomegranate lemonade anyone?



  1. Congrats on surviving the plane ride back across the Pacific to the mainland! It’s murder when I’m all by myself, so I can’t imagine how it would be with children. :)

    I’m glad you noticed the post; I meant to email or leave a comment here and was heading over to let you know, but I’m glad to see you caught it. I even passed along another copy of Good Things to my trainer today in Kaneohe. I know she’ll love it. Then she can move on to the others! Good luck on the mainland with all your signings, and Mahalo for the mention.

  2. Congrats on your book. It sounds great. I’d love to win a copy!!


  3. I’d really love to win these books…..for myself, my daughter and my granddaughter, Nicole!!

    You are definitely an inspiration….

  4. I am so looking forward to this new book!!
    I loved your other 2 books, and have finally, shared them with my coworkers, who are raving about them! I am purchasing this for my Kindle 2!

  5. I love all the pink! Congratulations on the new release. I will be looking for it in the bookstore.

  6. I am in Washington and yes, the weather has been unbearable! I live in Puyallup, near Seattle, and I prefer our more cooler weather. :)

    Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade sounds like just what I need today! It looks delicious.

    Keep me out of See’s. I am a chocolate and nuts fiend and would go crazy there!

    Love your books and off to leave reviews. Thanks.

  7. P.S. Hoping to find your book today. Don’t want to wait for online delivery!

  8. Carol Woodruff says:

    I love the cover of your book. It should certainly stand out in book stores. HOPE I WIN.

  9. The new book looks great and I LOVE author signed copies! I may just have to go to Borders today and pick up a copy for my extra entries!

    Congrats ~ hope the book is a huge success!

  10. You sure are busy! Washington state… one day I’ll get there to see those evergreens and pristine lakes.

  11. Cheryl M says:

    Congrats on your new release. TABLE MANNERS sounds wonderful. I always like finding new recipes too. I can do 2 of my favourite things at the same time. Read a book and find recipes!

  12. Table Manners sounds great!
    I live in SW Oregon and we had a few very warm(spelled HOT) days, also.
    The lemonade sounds delicious.

  13. Congrats on your new release. I’ve enjoyed reading and visiting your website and would love to be entered.


  14. Your Table Manners sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. People can never have enough good table manners.

  15. VIRGINIA C says:

    Miss, Mia! You have outdone yourself! Lets see, romance, food, recipes, all things delicious…what more could a girl want?
    Congratulations & Best Wishes!

  16. I love the cover of TABLE MANNERS. You can never have enough pink. Looking forward to reading. Congrats on your new release.

  17. Ohhhh I LOVE See’s candy! The Bordeaux bars are my all time favorite…ummm.

    I fanned you on Facebook.

    Congrats on your release day!

    Happy Travels,

  18. I just finished reading Good Things and can’t wait to get started on Table Manners!

    Best Wishes!

  19. I loved the book and the recipes.

    Can’t wait to try the lemonade. I am making it for my girlfriends lunch next week.

    Have the best summer.

    Love books about food and especially about

  20. Lynn in Texas says:

    Congrats & Best Wishes! The book sounds wonderful.


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