Foreign Friendship Bread, a Little World Music, and a Contest!

If you’re a Facebook fan, then you’re getting the updates on the foreign rights that have been sold for my next novel, FRIENDSHIP BREAD (not a fan yet? Join the party now!). So far rights have been sold to Allen & Unwin in Australia in a pre-empt, Leya Brazil (for Portuguese language rights) in a pre-empt, Blanvalet Random House in Germany at auction, and Piemme in Italy in a pre-empt. FRIENDSHIP BREAD will be published in the U.S. in hardcover by Ballantine Books in 2011 — even I don’t know the pub date yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know!

So, in honor of this news, I am hosting a contest to bring a little world music into our lives. For each of the four foreign deals that have been done so far, I am giving away one CD to four lucky winners. I’ve listened to all of these CD’s and they’re fabulous — they put you right in the spirit of the country, the language and the people.

To qualify, all you have to do is tell me if you’ve ever had or heard of Amish friendship bread, and if so, what happened (did you bake it? Share it? Toss it? Run screaming in the other direction? Would you do it again? How many loaves have you made? Favorite recipes? The possibilities, like friendship bread, are endless!). That’s it! I’ll draw four names next Tuesday, April 13, by noon HST (that’s 6 hours behind NY, 3 hours behind CA). Good luck and have a wonderful week, everyone!

  • Hear clips from Australian Aboriginal Music (these links will take you to Amazon):
  • Hear clips from Brazilian Lounge:
  • Hear clips from German Favorites:
  • Hear clips from Italia:

Australian Aboriginal Music

Brazilian Lounge

German Favorites





  1. Yes I’ve heard of it and tried to make it but for some reason it didn’t work Why? I’m not sure..Not sure if I should try it again.:)

  2. Yes I have heard of Friendship Bread, one of my good friends gave us each some to start in our office. It was really fun to do, and it was yummy! I love the idea of everyone having a piece of something that keeps growing :)

  3. kari n. says:

    Yes, I have heard of Friendship Bread. Funny, you brought this up because my husband needs to stop this madness. :) I had made it years ago a couple times. My husband just brought a starter home last month and he loves it SO much, I have made it every 10 days since then. I hate having it around, simply because it is so unbelievably good and I don’t like it here tempting me. I have already warned my husband, after this batch, no more for a while!

  4. Bonnie Oien says:

    Yes I have heard of and made many things with Friendship Bread starter. My kids’ favorite is Herman Coffee Cake. My banana nut bread was very good.

  5. I have heard of it, but haven’t had a taste of it, unfortunately, as I do like trying new things.

  6. holly k. says:

    I live near Amish country in OH. Yes, I have heard about Friendship Bread but am sad to admit I have never tried nor been given. This must change!!!

  7. Oh yes, Amish Friendship Bread made it’s way around West Tennessee years ago (probably about 15 to 20 years ago, now). I could probably find my recipe in my old files. I did bake it, and bake it, and bake it. It is very sweet, though very good. It multiplies like rabbits. That was the problem – there was always too much to bake, and a small family just doesn’t need all the calories. Now, none of that means that I didn’t like the bread, because I did. Can’t wait for your next book!

  8. Genie Ruddle says:

    Hey Mia!
    ofa coursa I knowa friendashippa breada–I wena gettuma froma youa! (which a musica doa youa thinka Ia lovea?) :)
    (youa likea mya Pidgina/Italiano?)

  9. I love friendship bread! So easy and so yummy! I remember muching it and baking it with my mom when I was just a kid. Which is a long time ago! :) Great contest- I love foreign music!

  10. Roxanne says:

    Yes, I have heard of it and have made it a few times. I don’t remember what recipes…..somthing with cinnamon, I think. I must admit that a time or two it ended up in the trash!

  11. In 1975, my best friend received the starter dough from her Aunt in rural upstate NY/ She baked it for months and passed it onto us-we were teenagers so we didnt quite keep it going..but it’s delicious!

  12. Mary Putnam says:

    A friend at work had something similar one time (not sure it was Friendship Bread exactly but the idea was the same). I passed because I have a tendency to hurt myself when I cook, with the scares to prove it, but I know those who did loved it and I think I had a bite from someone that was good.

    I also remember something similar from Girl Scouts where we took some ashes of the campfire and passed them along. If we could figure out how to do this with lychee martini’s you’d have me at hello. Or maybe a li hing mui martini or margarita where you pass along a little li hing mui? Feeling kinda thirsty…

  13. Bernice Mah says:

    I never heard of this until last year, and then FOUR people gave it to me! LOL, I was addicted and then had to stop so I gave all my starter away. Can’t afford the calories. It makes my kitchen smell amazing, though.

    I love your books and can’t wait to read your next one!

  14. I am dying to try it but no one I know has a starter! I saw I could make one from scratch but that doesn’t seem like much fun.

    I’d love to win, I am hoping to go to Italy next year and would love the Italia one! Thanks for another great contest, Mia!

  15. Julia Rymes says:

    I am a fan of eating friendship bread but not making it…it’s too much work for me and I’m always worried the starter will spoil. I love it when people bring it to work tho.

    Thanks for all your great contests! :-) Maybe you can have one where you send a loaf of friendship bread, too!

  16. Karina Worlton says:

    I have eaten friendship bread, but have never been given the starter. I think it’s yummy bread though! I’m looking forward to your book. :)

  17. Hi everyone! Thanks for the wonderful comments and here are the four winners:

    – #1. Tina
    – #9. Sue M.
    – # 12. Mary Putnam
    – # 6. Holly K.

    Ladies, please email me your mailing address (authormiaking at and YOUR CHOICE of any of the four CD’s above. Congratulations to the all winners!