Last Days of Summer

So here we are: August 1, 2010. More than half way through what was, at one point, a new year and closer to the next one. Is it just me or has time flown by like nobody’s business?

Lately I’ve been going around the island with my husband and trying to play tourist. There’s a line in my second novel, SWEET LIFE, where my protagonist, Marissa Price, is waiting to board her plane in New York to head back to the Big Island. She looks around and realizes that while everyone else is going on vacation, she’s going home. It’s a huge ah-ha moment for her. She stops complaining and starts appreciating, and then—surprise, surprise—lots of good things start to happen for her. Appreciation does that. It makes room for more good things to come into your life.

We moved to Hawaii by choice—no complaining here. But there’s no question that it’s been a wild and crazy ride, harder in the beginning for sure, until somewhere midway through we just shifted. We gave up the struggle and just enjoyed what was working rather than what wasn’t. For a couple of years we were a one-car family. One year our food budget was so tight that if we ran out of grocery money before the end of the month, our rule was that we had to eat whatever was left in the pantry. I’ll bet you have no idea how much food you have in there (granted, canned pineapple and pinto beans are an odd mix) and how creative you can be with it. That was us. And those were some good, really great years.

Some of you already know this story, and I’ve blogged about it before. We’re coming up on eleven years now, three kids later, a business and a few books between us. We don’t own a home yet—that will hopefully happen this year or next, when the right one shows up—and our two cars (we bought a used minivan last year for $2,000) are hanging in there. Which is a good thing, because we’re putting on the miles to drive around and see more of this wonderful place we get to call home.

This image is inspiring a character in my next novel and reminds me of a women I met while ziplining the other day!

I know life keeps us busy, and I know our plates are full. But don’t miss the opportunity to explore and appreciate what’s around you, in your own neighborhood, in your own town. I’ve lived all over the world, and I can say that as much fun (and tiring and expensive) traveling can be, there is no place like home. Choose one day out of the month, or a couple weekends even, where you go someplace new or try something different. Who knows, you might get inspired. It might even change your life. It’s changing mine all of the time.

Enjoy these last days of summer—fall is just around the corner!





  1. What a sweet post! Hawaii isn’t a cheap place to buy a home, that’s for sure, so best wishes in your plans!

    We’ve done the “only eat out of the pantry” rule ourselves, and it can be crazy, but so satisfying. I’m sure you made something pretty good though!

    I’m heading back to the mainland, after a glorious summer here. I’m sad, as always, but am ready to get ready for fall! We always can tomatoes and peaches for the winter, so I’m excited for the lovely produce we’ll be putting away. That’s something fun to look forward to for me; those bottle of canned produce give me a little piece of summer all winter long. :)

  2. Mia – I just read all three of your books over the past month and am eagerly awaiting your next release. I really enjoyed your writing and your style (and would love for Diedre to come style my house!)